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BENGUET | Where to Buy Coffee in Baguio


There is a 70% chance that you love coffee or at least drink coffee. You maybe on a passive side when it comes to the passion of drinking coffee, but I am pretty sure that you’ve tasted coffee once in your life. When my friends were planning to go to Baguio, someone mentioned in our chat group that they will buy coffee in Baguio.That ring a bell on me and made my way to Baguio.
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NUEVA ECIJA | Central Luzon State University and the Philippine Carabao Center


The Science City of Munoz,  Nueva Ecija is less than an hour away from Cabanatuan City, the economic capital of the province. Munoz is the home of the Central Luzon State University and the Philippine Carabao Center . The two institution made Munoz an interesting city to visit in Central Luzon. Both institution is geared towards uplifting the lives of the farmers – the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) is the premier university in Southeast Asia for agriculture while the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) is focused on research and development of dairy products towards high-yield.
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Top Spots to Visit in Antipolo City | #TayoNaSaAntipolo