Who does not love the
convenience online shopping gives? In this age where time is almost equivalent
to money, we will grab all the chance to save it and spend it more to much more
important thing. That is the beauty of online shopping, no hassle of battling
against the metro traffic and there is no stress of going around the mall to
search for the item you need.   But what if I tell you that
when you shop online in your favorite online store you can get a cashback for
every purchase. That sound impossible and malicious, but yes, you can get as
cashback at Shopback.ph!
Here’s how it works: Log on
to Shopback.com. Click your favorite online shopping website or merchant. You
will be directed to the online shopping website or travel merchant’s website
and you do the shopping there and pay there. Back at your Shopback.ph account,
you will be given a cashback depending on the amount of your purchase. You can
get your cashback via Paypal or direct bank deposit.   Here’s how to do it with
visual representation.   Go to Shopback.com and log

    Select your favorite travel merchant or online shopping
website such as Booking.com, Hotel.com, Expedia and a lot more.  

  When you click then travel merchant, for example Booking.com it will lead you
directly to the website. But first it will show you the percentage of the
cashback you will get after your shopping. It will also show you when the
cashback will be credited to your Shopback.ph account.     There’s more to cashback too! When you enter the merchant’s
page in Shopback, you can also look for ways to enjoy discounts when you book flight tickets with Expedia coupons
or book rooms with Hotels.com
discount codes
. So whenever you’re looking to maximize saving, have a quick
scan through the merchant pages before doing your clickthrough to the
merchant’s website.  

  You can now buy your hotel voucher and get your cashback
after 2 days.  

  Shopback.ph gives consumers more purchasing power through
its cashback. You can also have it so start shopping via shopback.ph now!
There’ve even compiled a list of stores that provide free-shipping
opportunities to you, click
to find out more about it!     Watch the video to know more about cash back in this video.