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Julyan’s Coffee Spot, Fusion of Good Food and Love in San Narciso, Zambales

Disclaimer: At the time of our visit to Julyan’s Coffee Spot, it wasn’t the best time to drink coffee, but stories of food and love are best all day. 
Whenever you go beach outing you would need a place to kick off your great weekend and cap all the fun-filled activities and memories. In San Narciso, Zambales there is a quaint spot that will make your weekend not only unforgettable but also inspiring. WithJulyan’s Coffee Spot wide selection of food and drink and Instagramable spot, you’ll surely have a summer blast! 

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MANILA | Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee

  • Man consumed bread 30,000 years ago
  • Korean bakery handcrafted bread at Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee every single day.
  • Aside from hand-crafted bread, You can buy Bingsu, Pasta, Cakes, and other refreshment at Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee 
A 2010 study reveals that man is eating bread since 30,000 years ago. This made this staple food one of the oldest food human consumed. Who doesn’t eat bread? Us Filipinos, a rice eater, eats bread primarily for breakfast and afternoon snack – that doesn’t include if you are in a no-rice diet.
Bread is part of our life. It shows with the influx of chain bakeries inside the mall and the gazillions small bakeries in our community. 
But what if your bakery is upgraded into a coffee shop offering other food and desserts that we will all love? Would you love it more when the bread is hand crafted by a Korean baker everyday? 

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Paranaque | My Cuppa Fix, Break From the Rush

Coffee and tea are my comfort. These drinks are like tranquilizers that can easily calm my veins and relaxes my mind. This is the reason why its not hard for me to say yes to a friend inviting me to have a sip of special coffee and to try  an artisan tea – I needed to have a break. My Cuppa Fix made my weekend a truly delightful and relaxing. It’s drink and pastries compliments my habit as a coffee lover and tea enthusiast.

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Millie’s at Microtel by Windham UP-Technohub

During our stay in Microtel by Windham UP-Technohub we were pampered with a Continental cuisine at Millie’s that serves delicious and affordable food for its multinational guest. I was surprise when Mr. Ace Infante mentioned to me that we will be having a dinner at Millie’s, the in-house restaurant of the hotel. I was just actually expecting a sumptuous breakfast at Millie’s. Later on Sous Chef Boo of Millie’s joined us in our dinner to explain the food that they served. 
When you approach the front desk of the hotel you will see a number of book displayed on the shelves. From there you will see the hotel’s restaurant that is Millie’s. I like how they incorporate books in the interiors of the lobby as well as of the restaurant.  

St. Nicholas of Mandaluyong: A Twist in Filipino Cuisine

Last year I was invited to taste the savoring dishes of St. Nicholas Restaurant. A restaurant in Mandaluyong that serves Filipino Cuisine with a twit.  That time they serve an ala carte for the budget conscious food goers. Although they still offer affordable yet quality food, they now have an addition to their menu especially for the desserts.  
Me and my friend Pau arrived just in time at St. Nicholas Restaurant in Plainview, Mandaluyong City. We were greeted by Karl of turistatrail.com and Chef Nick Pelaez the owner of this gem in Mandaluyong. Since it was my second time in St. Nicholas I was comfortable enough to tour the homey and cosy restaurant and take some pictures. I notice that there were significant changes in the arrangement of the tables and chairs. More chairs were added to accommodate more customers. I felt very proud and happy because the first time I went there, St. Nicholas was just starting. Kuddos Chef Nick!  
We were asked for a refreshment so I asked for the best seller. Chef Nick told me that my order before, the Chocolate Banana, is St. Nicholas Restaurant best seller in the refreshment area. The chef recommended that I get it, so I did. The Chocolate Banana was soothing and with its melted chocolate with milk and banana. I love banana. Everything with banana taste so good, so what more if you add it with chocolate? That’s a bomb in your mouth.   

Hapag Vicentico’s: Ang Hapag Kainan ng Bawat Novo Ecijano

From childhood memories to vivid generosity of nature, I have come to Hapag Vucentico’s to savor not only of good food but of memories of laughter and amazement of Filipino celebration of interior. Best with the antique and nostalgic pieces, Hapag Vicentico’s provides an authentic dining experience  not only of good food but also of soothing ambiance to its clientele.    
Its like a stars floating under the ceiling.

Chez Deo: Italian in Balayan

It is not rare that I find a nice restaurant or cafe outside Metro Manila – take for example Arabela in Liliw, Laguna and Tampuhan Cafe in Taal, Batangas. My itchy feet has brought me to the once prominent town in Batangas where colonial houses can be found – Balayan, Batangas. This town with its row of gorgeous old houses is where you can find Chez Deo Ristorante Italiano. Needless to say the cuisine they offer. When I was researching about Balayan I came across this restaurant and it says that is an old house, renovated and converted into a restaurant. Surely this tops my list as a must go in Balayan. 

The Ultimate Buffet Experience

In the wide busy street of Quezon City called Commonwealth Avenue lies The Buffet – where a wide range of food selection from Filipino cuisine to Chinese up to western style food choice is at place. It is a given public perception that Filipinos loves to eat. In Southeast Asia Filipinos are second to have a good appetite in all kinds of food. We are second to Malaysia. No wonder there are a lot of Buffet restaurants in all ranges. before you would see them in hotels, casinos and institutional meetings or party. But now they are everywhere simply because we Filipinos loves to eat, and we want it unlimited!   
When you travel you cannot escape from searching for good food. More so when you are a budget traveler, you want something inexpensive yet delicious. We always want good food no doubt, something that we will forget your name when that sauce touched that buds. 
We arrived earlier than expected in St. Nicholas in Mandaluyong City. I was impressed by how the place is decorated with ferns, vines and wooden-like furniture which I really love. When I sat on the dining table my eyes was traveling in the different pieces displayed on the restaurant. I like the fact that some of the pieces was given to the owner or has a story being the family. The ambiance was perfect with its dim lights and mood-setting music continuously playing along. Old Filipinos music fashioned by new generation artist was just perfect for our food escapade for the night. 
A night full mouthwatering-palatable night matching with the soothing acoustic music while meeting new friends, that was how my Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar experience took place. Surely it the place for a night of party savoring your favorite Tex-Mex food only offered best at Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar. 
Want your barkada to experience delish food? Check! 
You want to hang out with good music or wanna shake your booties till morning? Check! 
Wanna meet some new friends in this party pub just in the Metro? Check! 
Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar surely offers these for you!  
Google Philippines (search engine) would not lie to that this is the best Mexican Food – Tex-Mex for that matter – the metro has to offer so far. Try to search for Mexican Food and look what you got there. 
You don’t wanna ignore Esquire Magazine’s claim – “the best frozen margarita in town” What about spot.ph claim “Manila’s #1 Burrito” or juice.ph “Ultimate Mexican Champion” that’s a big word! Enough for the professionals claim, lets try it on our own! 
We arrived late in the Makati Avenue Branch of Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar at 8PM and the party has just started. We were welcomed by Ines – one of the owner – with her charming smile and party mood.  

Dine Like in the 50’s Diner

Before we hit the road, I texted my travel buddies that we had to eat to 50’s Diner because I love the food there. I was kinda worried because of of my buddy is a vegetarian and she might not want us to eat there. Good thing she agreed. It just took sometime before she finally decides what to eat when its time for us to order.   
Because Baguio was the favorite place of the American officials during the 20th century no doubt that you will see the their influence in architecture, landscape and food. Thus the signature American food such as burger, french fries and hotdogs are served in many restaurant. One of my favorite restaurant where I always eat whenever I am in Baguio is the 50’s Diner. 

I Love Desserts for Php199 Unlimited!!!

Don’t you love desserts? Because me, I Love Desserts. 
Usually after our MBA class every Saturday, my classmates and I will hangout for a coffee or milk tea within school vicinity. Brought by our spontaneous nerves one classmate of ours asked us if we wanted to have some desserts, unlimited instead of having coffee. We all agreed thus the taxi meters rolled some more from Sta. Mesa to Banawe.  

We all love desserts. I am very sure everybody will agree. Love Desserts offers a wide variety of desserts from cakes to pastries to crepe to Halo-Halo. Almost everything is there ready to satisfy your cravings and and put some glucose on your veins.
Buffet of Temptation

I remember weeks ago, I was on a proper diet mode. But due to these mouthwatering temptation, I seem to have an amnesia because I forgot about it. Hahaha… Blame it on my friend who invited me hoho…

Celebrating Philippine Cuisine at Oriental Hotels and Resorts’ Jasmine Restaurant  

Aside from being the only first class resort in Region Eight, Oriental Hotels and Resorts pride itself with the Jasmine Restaurant offering only the best and finest menus for its clientele and visitors.   
Ever experienced a gastronomic culinary celebration? That would be memorable if it served with Philippine culinary dishes from the different part of the archipelago. Isn’t that so nice? After a tiring walk at the San Juanico Bridge, we headed back to the city proper excitedly to proceed to our dinner at Jasmine Restaurant of Oriental Hotels and Resort at Palo, Leyte. 
We went to Leyte for a festival or a fiesta. In the Philippines, when you say fiesta, that means eating a lot of delicious and to say a not so healthy foods. That is the norm in the Philippine. The presence of Lechon, Crispy Pata, Fried Chicken, Lumpia, Fruit Salad, a bottle of Coke and a case of beer will drive your appetite like there’s no tomorrow. These dishes are there to make you happy above everything else. No matter how they think it’s unhealthy, the thing is it’s an appetizing meal, oh not just a meal but a foooods, that will make you full and happy =)
As I have said a fiesta in the Philippine context means to eat. So hearing statement like “Mamimyesta kami” has an understood universal meaning. If you don’t get it,  it is to eat or celebrate in somebody’s house or place for free if the hosts invited you or there are some provinces where in you can literally gatecrash. That’s what we did (not the gatecrashing) in our last day in Tacloban City, the capital of Leyte. 
The group of travel bloggers which we belong was invited to celebrate the ‘fiesta’ in Calle Z Cafe’ in Independencia St., Tacloban City. Lucky enough they tag us along in the invitation. Oh how I was longing to try that famous Tacloban Lechon – a local specialty. Although I have tried some here in Manila I still wanted to taste that authentic roast pig straight from the hands of the local people. Lucky enough, again Calle Z Cafe’ didn’t disappoint me.

Qoola Yogurt + Fruit

In a tropical country, like the Philippines I am quite sure that everybody craves for something cold to quench the heat. I too love anything that is cold especially frozen yogurt so to speak. Unlike ice cream frozen yogurt or FroYo is more nutritious. Though its the lighter version of yogurt still its safe to say that you are eating something that is good for the body. 
Taken from qoola.com
I was exited when I was invited together with other bloggers to taste Qoola’s frozen yogurt. Before I proceed to Greenbelt 2 where Qoola Yogurt + Fruit is located I made sure that I research first what is this has to offer since its my first time to hear it. So I goodled it and found articles comparing Qoola’s yogurt with other yogurt bar in the Philippines. Based on what I have read Qoola has the best yogurt in town. So that made me feel that I really had to taste and experience Qoola Yogurt + Fruit. 

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen Bar Review

The rainy season is  fast approaching and the best armor to combat the cold weather is to sip a hot bowl of soup cooked passionately with delicate ingredients. Then you crave for something authentic! Something that would sooth your hunger for an authentic recipe. Luckily a newly opened Ramen Bar recently opened in the new SM Aura in the posh community of Bonifacio Global City.

Famed for its authentic Ramen dishes created by a true Japanese chef, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen opened its second branch in the Philippines last June 1, 2013. I was fortunate to be invited to taste and as if travel to Japan without the immigration stamping my passport. 
Entering the Ramen Bar you will be welcomed by the wooden planks with Japanese characters. Personally painted by Ms. Yasuko Sensyu a renowned contemporary artist in Japan, the characters is a poem, a love poem specifically.

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