Never thought that waiting for a bus could be bird watching too. We were walking on the Northbound side of the South Super Highway when we saw a flock of birds playing in the sky. Some lining up on the cables singing as if serenading the sky as it comes to pass.  

There are also sightings of these birds in Colon, the oldest street in the Philippines found in Cebu City. 

These birds are usually flocking in the city in the afternoon just before sunset.  Some say that these birds are there because they eat insects that the city light attracts. Specifically, they eat termites in old buildings. Others argue that they are flocking to the city due to a lack of natural habit for them. 

Nevertheless, they created a phenomenon caused by human actions that are pleasing to the eye. I found it as a balancing element in the heart of the city. We are reminded that despite all these developments, there are still other dwellers on this planet – not just us humans.