Here I come Davao!!!   The long wait will finally come to an end!!!    My foot is already itchy and wants to step on that Airphil Express plane booked last July after my solo Indochina Adventure. This trip wasn’t my idea actually. It was my travel buddy who planed this trip. But it seems that I am the only one pursuing the trip. Of course I will pursue it! I never cancelled a trip before. He might not come with me because their school will gonna’ have classes on Saturday. (He’s an assistant principal of a public elementary school).  

  Weather he comes or not I will be stepping on that orange plane and savor Davao City! haha…   Whenever the word Davao comes on my head I can’t resist thinking of FRUITS! Yes! The king of Fruit – DURIAN!!! What about Marang? Hmmmm… ( yum yum yum…) Of course Pomelo should not be taken for granted… What else can I eat there? That I will find out =)   I’m also excited to see The beaches of Samal Island and the Bat Cave there. The Philippine Eagle shouldn’t be missed out…. And oh did I already mention the Crocodile Farm?   For sure I will dine out at Jack’s Ridge and have a photo walk in Bangkerohan Market. My travel will never be complete if I will not walk in the downtown area to see the parks and architecture of the city.   I may or may not go to Kidapawan South Cotobato for side trip… This would depend if my travel buddy would come with me or not. I am planning to look for hot springs at the foot of Mt. Apo =’)