Tinipak River, its surrounding community of the Dumagat Tribe and the livelihood of the locals are in danger to be submerged in the name of national development. The Philippine government aided by Chinese funding is planning to build a dam to supply water in Metro Manila which has more or less 17 Million people.

The locals and the Dumagat leaders claimed that they were not consulted properly about the project. The whole area is considered by the Dumagat Tribe as holy in their indigenous beliefs.

How to go to Tinipak River

  1. Take a UV express in Shaw Boulevard Star Mall Station to Tanay Rizal. Fare is Php80 each for the one hour Ride.
  2. From Tanay Rizal, proceed to the tourism office to register. The office is in front of the transport terminal.
  3. From the tourism office, you have two option to go to Barangay Daraitan which is the jump-off to Tipipak River: Tricycle for Php500 (6 person max) or Habal-Habal for Php300 (2 person max)
  4. Once in Barangay Hall, register and pay all the necessary fees amounting to Php100 per head.
  5. You will be assigned a guide that will also take care of your orientation. The guide fee is Php500 for a maximum of 10 people.

Other Fees

Toll Fees in the community before Brgy. Daraitan – Php20/vehicle
Tricycle from Brgy. Daraitan to Rock Formation Jump-off – Php15/head (you can opt to walk)
Dispute fee – Php20/ head
Bridge Crossing – Php5.00