Making a plan comes easy with my system. I never fail to plan almost anything in my life. Whether it is for my career or in my wanderlust there is something in me that says I can make it or I have to make it. So I have to plan it. And I am much excited about it, always. Of course I get disappointed, many times by plans that didn’t turn out so well or as I expected. I won’t say that it’s Ok because it’s not Ok. I murmur for an hour or two then proceed with better plans in how to cope with the situation for it to be still a memorable event. I regretted many things but not to the point to qualify me as a person full of regrets. My regrets will just turn out to be another thing to look forward too.

My 2013 will be as colorful as these accessories in Ongpin St., Binondo Manila

Last year was an amazing year for this lonely lad metaphorically speaking. Being my most traveled year was indeed spectacular right? Well I am not going to talked about that again here. Please refer to my year ender

The start of 2013 will be a blast… And it was a blast. Just last week I have met a handful of PTB (Pinoy Travel Bloggers) members in Binondo Manila for our version of Binondo Food Trip. A non stop chatting, sharing of experiences, sharing of plans and talking about our favorite Travel Bloggers (hihihi)… Some of them, well because most were girls, got ‘kilig’ every time their favorite or maybe crush blogger was being mentioned… Haha…

Because of that meet up I realized bunch of things as a travel bloggers. Ok I have a confession first. Intrinsically speaking I am uncomfortable calling my self a travel blogger! I mean I do blog my travels but I am shy to say to people that hey ‘Im a travel blogger’ yeah you don’t have to boast about it, there’s no sense in it. Whenever somebody ask me something about traveling, most friends and acquaintance do, and the answers to the questions can be read on my blog, I just say ‘I have a blog you can read it there’ So they go ‘Oh your a travel blogger’ I just smile and say ‘I just blog my travels’ Hahaha… Does that make sense to you? I hope so… I mean for me I feel like being a so called ‘Travel Blogger’ is such a big shoe to fill and I am not sure if I’m filling that shoe now… Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. It’s up to you to decide… (A Life of Pi moment it’s up to you to decide the ending lol)

Let us go back to the PTB meet up. Chatting with these intelligent free spirited souls, I was inspired to face 2013 more colorfully and on a different note, a higher one actually. Let me confide here how I perceived my 2013.

There will be more meet ups and travels with fellow wanderers

I mean this. Our Binondo Food Trip was just the tip of the ice berg. I will explore the deepness of the Philippine sea and conquer the tip of Mt. Apo with the other who shares the same aspirations I have. I think I have a strong appetite to meet people with the same fondness I have. I would love to meet the following Travel Bloggers before I reach my life crisis or my life ends (morbidly speaking). I would love to meet Cris Reyes-Galang of I owed so much to her. It’s because of her that I was accepted in PTB =) Mica Rodriguez of Mica’s blog along with Marcos of inspired me to continue sharing my adventures to the world. So count Marcos in. Last would be Ephraim of who I really look up to because of his selfless devotion to what he does and his love for God. Yuck… This is such a ‘fan’ thing…. Haha I’m sorry I just look up to them hehe… I love to meet as many travel bloggers but these four I love to really meet soon =)  I just hope they want to meet me too… lol

I will travel with Claire of in Leyte to experience Pintados Festival and meet kuya Ephraim of

I’ll climb mountains and conquer Mt. Pulag later this year or early next year

This is my goal this year to climb mountains, walk in a narrow cliff armed with mountaineering gear… Haha… (Victorious laugh) I am not yet into hiking because there was no chance for me to do so in the past. So I guess I have to make that chance and make it happen. 

Angel of invited me to conquer Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas this weekend (Jan 20). So I guess this is the start =)

I want to monetize my blog

I don’t blog to earn. As I’ve said before I document my travels to help other travelers as other had helped me. I do this out of love of travel. Besides my experiences are my treasures that can’t be bought by any precious metals found underneath the earth. Still, being paid by doing the things that you love is a big bonus and actually a blessing. So why not grab it if there are opportunities to do so. Actually I have received emails offering me to link their client site on my blog post sort of. But because I am busy and not interested before, I just leave it there hanging… 

But now things are little bit different and I want to maximize this passion of mine. A simple link can help augment my travel funds right?  So if there is a chance you can show some sympathy on me, like referring me and the like, please help me…