You are so ready for your vacation. This year, you’re going to a cold-weather place like Chicago, Russia or Antarctica. You need to dress warmly. However, there’s a problem. How are you supposed to pack like and dress warmly during your vacation? Do not worry. Here are some tips for helping you pack light and dress warmly during your cold-weather vacation. The key is dressing in layers.

 When you dress in layers, it’s easier to pack. In fact, you can pack more outfits. When packing, think pieces that can be mixed and matched. For example, a t-shirt with a thick button-up sweater. Take one heavy coat that you’ll only wear on really cold days. Remember, you can wear a lot of shirts you have for fall or spring during your vacation. Just pair them with a sweater or sweatshirt. Here’s more information on dressing in layers for your winter vacation.

Packing Tops for Your Trip

1. Start with the Basics

Tank tops and camisoles are always our friends. They can be worn under anything, and they add an extra layer of warmth. Most importantly, they take up very little space in your luggage. If you’re a guy, pick a lot of your thin, long, or short-sleeve shirts. In both cases, pick solid colors. They work well with plaids, stripes, and other designs.

2. Present Your Best Look

Remember, you’re showing off your layered look indoors. So, when packing, you want to add tunics, thin sweaters, and cardigans. On the warmer days, a sweater and long-sleeve t-shirt will look great while resting indoors.

3. Use a Jacket

To make your layered look exceptional, choose a jacket. This should be different from your heavy coat. Choose a denim jacket or zip-up fleece. Even an insulated jacket will create a great layered effect. Also, the jacket can double as a pillow when traveling!

5. Protect Yourself From the Extra Cold Weather

Make sure you carry on a light jacket or coat when you’re traveling by train, plane, or bus. This will add a little extra warmth just in case it gets while traveling or it’s really cold when you reach your destination. Remember, this jacket doesn’t go in your luggage.

Packing Bottom Attire

This is probably going to be your hardest part of packing. Here are some ways to make it easier:

6. Choose the Right Pants

Jeans are best in cold weather but aren’t as bulky. Corduroy pants are a good option, too. Remember to save room in your luggage for tights, leggings, and a thermos.

7. Pick the Right Footwear

Tennis shoes are not a good fit for cold weather. Besides, you don’t know if it will rain or snow while you’re there. Wear boots while you’re traveling. This will keep your feet warm. If you need to pack more shoes, think about durable shoes that are fashionable, but easy to pack. Of course, pack heels if you plan to go to a party indoors. Pack plenty of wool socks to keep your feet warm.

8. Accessorize

Remember, you must still look fashionable. So, make sure you pack solid and neutral colors. It is easier to mix and match with your other clothing. You can also wear different scarves, hats, and gloves to change your look. It’s a lot easier to change outerwear than to lug around multiple heavy coats.

Packing without Packing a Lot

Now, you may be able to pack clothing in a family member’s luggage. However, don’t count on it. You need to pack everything in your own luggage. Use compression bags to help minimize space in your luggage. Pick things you know you want to wear. Also, if you want to take a couple of items on vacation that you can’t fit into your luggage, wear them while traveling. Of course, don’t wear a thousand clothes. Just put on one or two items that you want to wear on your cold-weather vacation. Stick to the basics of a winter wardrobe, and you’ll stay toasty no matter the weather!