It wasn’t the smoothest and the most comfortable ride. But as for Ephraim Arriesgado words “first time are sweet times”. Indeed it was a sweet ride. Imagine doing something you are looking forward for almost a year or more! Did I over reacted? Well say it I really over reacted. Hehe…  

I travelled from Naga to Manila for a whopping 12 hours inside a tunnel like train. Yes tunnel like train. Why? You can’t see anything from outside! Traveling during night makes the situation worse! Claustrophobic people are not advised to ride the PNR train with this route.

What to do in a 12 hours train ride?

Things would have been better if the LCD TV was working or there’s a Wi-Fi. If I remember it right, the management announced when they re-opened the operation that there will be a Wi-Fi in the train. Given the fact that the reception of the people with regards to train travel was more of negative than positive because of a much more longer travel time as compared to bus ride, management plan for a comfortable train travel was kinda’ delayed. But I guess they will be soon to install it. They also plan to put a lounge area for socializing just like riding the Trans-Siberian Railway. But I found none when I asked one of the train police (yes there is a train police). At least the management has these plans to improve the service. I look forward for these things to happen. So all in all I did nothing except to thinks and sleep. Hehehe…

What I experience during the Travel?

Ok I will be honest. I didn’t experience comfort. Sorry I don’t mean to put PNR down. Why?  


1. It was cold… This was my fault, I was wearing shorts and tee shirt therefore I was 
        susceptible to freezing…. This is a positive point for PNR (eye blink)
2. Rails are bumpy… it was like riding in a roller coaster at some areas especially on the 
        provincial part. Things would better once in Manila part because rails in Manila were 
3. People living beside the railway was stoning the train! I don’t whats the sin of the train 
        for them to stone it top death…hehe… This is happening in Bicol area and Manila area. 
        This is the reason why they put a steel screen on the window so that the stones with 
        mud will not break the glass window. I hope the government will do something with this. 
        In fact there should be no houses on railways because it is dangerous for the people.

I am hopeful that things would be better in the coming years. My dream is a country connected by trains. I don’t why, maybe because I love playing toy trains when I was a kid or even now in simulation games that I came to like riding trains. Trains are designed for a comfortable and smooth transportation. So let us hope for the best. =)

PNR Fare Table

  For more information you can contact PNR at these numbers:     Manila/Tutuban: (02) 319-0048 Lucena: (042) 661-2990 Naga: (054) 698-2123