There was a single day in our life where in we expect an explosion of colorful lights in the sky. I am talking about New Years Eve where the dark sky will turn into a colorful canvas as the clock tickles to welcome the brand new year. Those were the magical days in our childhood and is still today. Nowadays, the child in us still alive with the yearly shows of arts and science through the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

There is no other place more perfect than the SM Mall of Asia by the Bay to host once again this world class show of might in the sky.

Before the show started I made sure to come early to witness the magnificent Manila Bay Sunset. Every sunset seems perfect regardless of the forms of the clouds nor the color of the sky. As long as the orange fire ball is setting on the sea, everything is magic like what I am about to witness that night – the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. 

  I was honored to sit in one of the best spot in MOA by the Bays together with other famous travel bloggers here in the Philippines. That night it was the People’s Republic of China and Germany  who faced off to show what they got.    China   The People’s Republic of China was represented by Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing CompanyLimited. With the tune of some Asian inspired melody, China showed that they are one of the best.    

Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Company have made their mark having been in the industry since the 70’s. This multi awarded firework company prioritize safety first to make the show more enjoyable to watch.


Germany was represented by Vulcan Europe. The Pop centered presentation of Germany will not just make your eyes happy, the beat of the sound will make you move. We sang along while watching the fire colorfully painting the sky. 

Vulcan Europe is a competition champion bagging the major awards in Hannover, Germany and Oman.

With new friends from blogging community the night was indeed one of the colorful night of my life. I could not tell who’s better between the two country because both has their own uniqueness. 

Lights will always mesmerized my humble eyes. With my humble unprofessional pictures, I hope you get a chance to witness the magic in the sky when lights colors the sky. If this helps you or inspired you please share this in any Social Media platform or comment here if you wish to ask for more =) 

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