Upgraded to Fiesta Filipinas, 10 Festivals from Panay Island and Negros Island will compete for this year’s Kasadyahan Festival. The colors, the fun, the laughter of all the festival in Panay and Negros  converged to produce one gigantic celebration in the City of Love – Iloilo City.   

Kasadyahan Cultural Presentation is the main event of the second day of the 3-days grand celebration of  the Dinagyang Festival 2018. The famous Ati Tribe Competition will happen today (Jan 28, 2018).

10 competing Festivals will have to perform in 5 judging area scattered all over Iloilo City. This is to ensure fair judgement and to showcase the culture and history of each towns municipalities and cities celebrated in the festival. 

Each of the participants showed the colors, culture, history, devotion, produce and the best offerings of their town. The plastered smile of the dancers along with the expressive faces of each performers are surely a major factor to win this year’s Fiesta Filipinas Kasadyahan Cultural Presentation.

The ten competing festivals are Tribu Tinabu-ay of Murcia, Hubon Binagtong sa Manggahan of Nueva Valencia, Ang Manughabol Kang Salakayan Festival of Miagao, Tribu Banigan from Libertad, Pinta Flores of San Carlos City, Tribu Kaing of the Municipality of Leon, Guban Haw-as of Dumangas town, Tribu Pantat from Zarraga, Tribu  Tultugan from Maasin and Hubon Mangunguma from San Lorenzo. 

Tinabu-ay Festival of Murcia, Negros Occidental 

Annual celebration of good harvest and thanksgiving. It is also a celebration in honor of the birthday of the Immaculate Conception, the patron saint of Murcia. This town is home of the famous Mambukal Resort. 

Hubon Binagtong sa Manggahan Festival of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Celebrated during the month of May, there is a high expectation for this festival because they are the reigning champion of  Kasadyahan Festival.

Ang Manughabol Kang Salakayan Festival of Miagao, Iloilo

  The performance showed the transition of the UNESCO world heritage site, Miagao Church’s from a humble light material made structure up to its current state.  

  It then showed the Original Miagao Weavers and the life under the Spaniards.

Tribu Banigan from Libertad of Antique

Celebrating the local customs of making banig or mat, the performers showcased the origin of the banig from raw material into a fashionable items.

Pinta Flores of San Carlos City 

  Triumph of good versus evil is the theme of this festival. It showed that with great devotion and faith, folks will rise up from the works of the evil. Life will then end up into a colorful bliss brought by the challenges we had. This festival showed that life is indeed good and colorful.   

Tribu Kaing of the Municipality of Leon

  The simplicity of community with great devotion to our God made us Filipinos resilient. The people of Leon, the summer capital of Iloilo, showed to us that with great determination and perseverance life will be beautiful and full of laughter.  

Guban Haw-as of Dumangas Town

Dumgangas is a fishing town of Iloilo. The performance showed their different catch and it made us hungry. From fish to shellfish they all have it in Dumangas.  

We were able to witness only seven out of ten festivals due to prior commitments and schedule. But nevertheless, our soul was fed by the richness and devotion of each towns in Panay and Iloilo. 

The result of this year’s Kasadyahan Festival will be announced tonight (Jan 28, 2018) together with the winner of the Ati Tribe Competition. 

AirAsia, the official Airline Partner of the Dinagyang Festival 2018, flies to Iloilo City from Manila’s NAIA Terminal 4 (3x Daily) and Clark International Airport in Pampanga (3x weekly).