Can you imagine yourself getting around an island in a motorcycle and under the intense heat of the sun? Hmmm… That looks a perfect moving sunbathing huh… Well, the alluring view and quiet atmosphere of the rural island makes a perfect retreat from the noisy and busy metropolis. 

Samal City Hall   After disembarking from the vessel that brought us to the Island our first agenda was to find the means to go to the remotest (yeah, that’s what I am saying) area in the Island to discover something new and off the beat destination. At the back of our mind we would want to rent a motorcycle or Habal-Habal to travel the island by ourselves. The thing was we were not sure if they would allow us to rent and entrust to us their livelihood. 

Davao City International Port

To our surprise one single motorcycle driver agreed to rent us his motorcycle for Php200 per hour and I manage to haggle it to Php150 per hour excluding the gasoline. Fair enough right? So all in all our contract was worth Php600 – that was for four hours use of his motorcycle. But later on we extended for an hour for a total of Php700.   Aside from the sole bus line, the Island City Bus which has a direct route from Kaputian District (the southern tip of the island) to Davao City, single motorcycles are the means of transportation in the island. So expect a flock of motorcycles in every busy area.   Equip with an EZ Map that I bought for Php99 we headed to the City Hall of Samal for a quick photo ops. I never thought that Samal is a City. All I know was that it is an island belonging to Davao del Norte jurisdiction. Now I know lol…   According to the map there’s a falls near the city center of the Island southward. So we decided to get there then proceed to Kaputian beach. We were thinking if we could get to Talikud Island but the schedule of the boat forbid us to proceed. Instead we decided to just get to the other side of the Island to see the falls in Tagbaobo before proceeding to Monfort Bat Colony.

Hagimit Falls

In less than 15 minutes away from the city center you will reach Hagimit Falls. After paying an environmental fee and entrance for Php5 and 50, you will find yourself descending on stairs about 150 meters towards the falls. While walking down you could hear the running water flowing which will invite you more to go there. The falls which is converted into a park for families is divided into two. There is the picnic area wherein they set up a pool filled with freshwater coming from the waterfalls.

You will see the falls at the far end of the trail. And do not be disappointed when you see a dead end and not seeing a falls. You need to have the courage to follow the obstacle like river before seeing an eye catching and breathtaking body of water – the Hagimit Falls. Be careful of stepping on slippery big stones. The falls is not that big as you might imagine but the picturesque style will definitely feed your longing eyes =)  

Kaputian Beach

Kaputian Beach is about 10 kilometers away from the City Center. The road from the city center to Kaputian Beach is the only major highway in the island. Hmmm… That’s means all other roads towards the other side of the island are rough road. 

It is not “kaputian” if it is not white. Aside from Boracay, the Philippines have numerous white beaches all over its 7,107 island. The crystal blue water match with the perfect blue sky and Green Island at the far end makes a perfect combination. A great nature retreat indeed! Its not as fine as the sand of Boracay but its pristine powdery sand makes it a perfect getaway for the locals and even for tourist who wants an off the beat beach destination.

Accommodation in Kaputian Beach


The beach thus satisfy my longing to see a not juts pristine beach but also a picturesque white beach. The clear blue water backdrop-ed with vivid colors of dried leaves and bushy trees of the nearby island makes my stay a perfect vacation in this famous island of Davao Region. What makes it more a perfect place for our wandering soul is that the beach is secluded thus gives you a chance to hear the sound of nature. The brushing of the trees and waves meeting the shores with less noise from the people was my perfect moment with nature.         The warmth of the sun ray will gonna’ make your white skin tanned so do not forget to apply a sun protection cream on your body. If you could see what it done to my skin… well I don’t care about complexion actually. It doesn’t do anything to me at all.. Hehe… What I care about is to savor each moment while walking down the beach. 
Happy Travel =)