I went down the bus thirsty. That was March – one of the summer months. So the first agenda upon stepping in
Boljoon was to search for cold water. I found a machine that dispenses water then I found a friend that showed me the way to Boljoon’s
magic. The magic was on the streets where trees and love are together
with the magical-nostalgic old houses of Boljoon.  

  I felt the rush. I wasted no time, I head on the
streets where these old houses filled with magic were waiting for me.
I was in a different dimension – I do not know which world. There was no gravity. I was in the air. I
am the only man existing – or am I man turned into spirit?  

The plants and the stones of the past were
talking to me trying to tell a story. There was one thing – I
could not understand them. Until I decided not to listen, I heard the
wind talking to the sea. I followed the melodic conversation then the
vista became black but not blury. I saw the past passing by.

  The magic on the street swiftly
caressing me towards somewhere. I am loving it. Every moment I am
held by the magic to a place I never been to and to a place I do not
know. It had its own way that nobody ever done.

  And there’s the stone-arch of the
kingdom. A forgotten kingdom maybe but a vast and majestic view of the
kingdom is still there not seen by anybody. The kingdom is in front
of the sea where pirates once held its camp in the attempt to capture
the Kingdom. But the magic of Boljoon prevailed over invasion.  

  The magic drived me further. I was still looking around. Plotting how to
seize the whole kingdom to my heart.

  The magic led me
to the door of the palace. It lacks the intricacies of a fine-tuned kingdom but it has a soul.   I knocked but nobody answered. I
shouted deep in my heart but still no answer. I’m almost in tears
trying to open the door but the magic worked against me for his own objective reason. “The
princess is on the other side of the door!” I immediately thought and
the magic is protecting her. Or isnt the magic protecting me from falling from her.  

  I walked back, and back, and back until
I reached a hundred steps backward towards the paved road.

    I almost gave up until I saw an open door. Not the door that I wanted but still the door that can
lead me to my desire.

  I stepped in and said “Hello”    No
one was there. I entered and toured the palace that I long for. I was
satisfied but not happy. Only God can knows why. I cannot utter words.
Truly the ancient palace is wondrous indeed. It has a courtyard where the noble used to talk and laugh. I wonder, will I ever see it? Each steps on the wooded corridor makes a sound that can be deciphered by the angels from heaven.   

I never forget about the princess but I just set her aside for a while looking at her palace. The magic was with her like the magic was with me. 

  There was a fine man in his fine age.
Before I opened my mouth he knew what will I ask. He said that I
cannot find what I am looking for. I could not say a word. But what
am I looking for now? Was it still the princess? It seems that the ancient picture of the palace made up for what I used to long for. The magic has protected me over falling prematurely to the princess I never seen nor met.   

  I walked away with a neutral heart and satisfied mind and soul. I realized that
aside from “Hello” I never spoked for the past two hours.

  I rode a yellow full packed bus. I was standing, then I sat on the aisle and went back to my reality. There was a line of smile on my cheeck – I found magic in Boljoon.