you are travelling, there are always ‘must-see’ tourist sites.
Although it is great to say you have been to the top of the Eiffel
Tower or experienced the grandeur
of Bangkok’s Grand Palace
it is always satisfying to find an unknown place off the beaten
track. The problem is that finding those hidden gems can be tough.
beautiful Indonesian Island of Bali
offers stunning accommodation
delicious cuisine and a long list of popular attractions and so much
more. So, with that in mind, here are some of Bali’s best kept
secrets.   Green
Bowl Beach
beach was once forecast as the upcoming tourist spot – that was
until the nearby cliff top resort was demolished, leaving the area
desolate. As is often the case with the best hidden gems, this beach
is difficult to reach. Located off a few small twisted roads,
visitors have to descend several hundred steps to reach this white
sand and turquoise paradise. Green Bowl is also a great place to view
wildlife, as the large caves here are known for their bat population. Big
Tree Farm
known as Bali’s Bamboo Chocolate Factory, this relatively unknown
attraction offers a great way to spend an afternoon. This organic
farm is made almost entirely from bamboo and the site is also home to
a bamboo cathedral. Simply drop-in or sign up in advance for a
private tour to learn about chocolate production and taste some
samples. Plus, located close to popular Ubud, this is an easy-to-find
attraction to add to your itinerary. Cook
With Locals
there are a number of highly
rated restaurants in Bali

offering all kinds of cuisine, the best way to experience true local
food is to cook with local people. There are food
classes and schools

across the island suitable for every budget and preferred experience.
Whether you would like to cook in a luxury setting, or use
traditional techniques and ingredients in a more humble setting, this
is the best way to experience true Bali cuisine. Giant
Banyan Tree
in the small village of Gesing, this ancient tree is approximately
700 years old and has a long history. True to its namesake, the tree
measures an astonishing 85 metres in height. The roots look like an
intricately formed maze that locals say concealed them during the
island’s Dutch occupation. Legend has it that a visit to this tree
will make your dreams come true, so it is definitely worth a visit.