Have you been to a sandbar where starfish are scattered as if just came down from heaven?  

Not far from Nalingawan Island is Cotivas Island where folks usually spends most of their day to enjoy white beach and calm waters. It has nipa cottages that can be rented for your stay. The beach is white sand but the stretch of it has rocky part which gave it a unique characteristic perfect for picture taking and selfies. I found some small fish on the rocky part that was trapped when the tide begins to recede.

  Then I begin walking towards the sandbar where most people were relaxing. I had to stop frequently while walking on the sea because the sand is so soft that I almost stumble with my DSLR on my left hand and smart phone on my right. I reached the sandbar with joy and triumph that my cameras were not wet. Then I noticed that the sand is not really white but it looks white when sunlight reflects on it. Its not that fine but actually like a fine crushed shells. Nevertheless, its still good for barefoot-walking-on-the-sand and sun bathing.

The sand bar is a work of art with sand ripples caused by waves or the receding tide. The whole sandbar is a big canvas of God’s masterpiece that will soon fades to give way to another one. Do not get fooled by the white line you saw on the shore, the Cotivas sandbar is so big and it will tire you when you walk end to end. But still we did, I was joined by my friends, with the determination to see whats on the other side. Our reward was dozens of starfish dotted on the sandbar and under water. I have never seen starfish in that volume! It seems that the heaven poured its light from heaven when the stars came down to make me smile. I was like a child in excitement when I saw each one with different colors and patterns! I swam on the sea and saw more on the seabed. It was such a delight to witness God’s creation in just one place – the vast sandbar with a lot of starfish.

  Watch my video below to see how amaze I am when I saw the star fish on the sandbar of Cotivas Island. This is by far the best sandbar that I have seen.   https://www.youtube.com/embed/wA6IV9f4Gco?feature=player_embedded