You can travel at any time of the year because there
is no matter what the weather is if two loving hearts are going to rest. This
list is collected using this dating website. So, what are the most romantic cities in the world?  Paris What is the most romantic city in the world? Of
course, it is Paris. It received such fame thanks to poets, films, loving
citizens and an incredible atmosphere. Of course, you can face some city’s
shortcomings. However, it will never spoil a vacation of two loving people who
will not even pay attention to it. Not only the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de
Triomphe, and the Louvre Museum are the favorite places for tourists in France,
but also the Moulin Rouge, the Erotic Museum, and the Basilica of the Sacred
Heart of Paris.  

Venice Venice attracts loving hearts no less than Paris. The
city has hundreds of cozy small streets, where you can hide from prying eyes
and unnecessary attention. Just imagine: famous Venice, small restaurants, in
which it is pleasant to talk about love for hours and enjoy fine wine. The city
on the water is an excellent choice for a romantic trip. When you are in
Venice, it is worth to go on gondola along the Grand Canal, visit the Rialto
Bridge and meet the sunrise on St. Mark’s Square.  

Prague The capital of the Czech Republic has brought to our
days almost the whole architecture in its original form. When you are in
Prague, you can walk for hours along the streets and be at the same time
completely happy. The Czech Republic is famous for its famous Beer halls that
are worth visiting. Petrin Hill is really one of the most romantic places in
Prague, and all the cherished wishes come true after a walk along the Charles

Barcelona Barcelona is in demand for romantic trips all year
round. It is famous for its unforgettable architecture and atmosphere.
Barcelona is the best option for those who can’t fully enjoy the rest without
the sea. It is the city where you can taste all the delights of seafood dishes.
The ancient park Labyrinth of Horta, Boulevard La Rambla, the Cathedral of La
Sagrada Familia will remain in the soul as a bright and unforgettable moment of

Vienna One of the most romantic cities in Europe is Vienna.
Mozart lived and created there for a long time. This city attracted the
greatest composer not by chance. He was impregnated with tenderness and love.
Narrow streets, quarters, pavements are created for walks of loving hearts.  

New York Not only ancient cities can attract, but also
mega cities. This city, like any other, will make you feel like the heroes of
famous American films. You will get an unforgettable experience while going to
the Brooklyn Bridge and the Central Park. Also, you should walk through the
streets of Manhattan and have a cup of hot coffee with Tiffany. Don’t forget
about the Statue of Liberty in New York.  

 St. Petersburg This is one of the most romantic Russian cities. The
northern capital of Russia is also one of the ten most romantic cities in the
world. St. Petersburg only seems like a gray and depressing city. However, here
you can spend an unforgettable vacation, walking through museums and enjoying
the Hermitage. The Neva will leave an indelible impression, and according to
the legend, the Bridge of Kisses will unite the union of a man and a woman.  

Buenos Aires The Argentinean city is the most passionate place for
a romantic trip. You will not feel ashamed to dance on the street of this city
and express your love in public. Exquisite restaurants, romance, and passion
will awaken the most sincere and kind feelings in the heart. The first thing to
do in Buenos Aires is to visit the open-air museum Caminito.