Motorcycle riding has gone more than viral in the
Philippines. It’s a lifestyle for some, a hobby for many and a way of living
for most of the folks. Who would not love the comfort and convenience
motorcycle gives to commuters? Aside from you getting away easily from
traffic jams in the metro there is joy and convenience when you ride a
motorcycle especially during road trips in the country side. My friend and I rode a motorcycle from Quezon City to
Infanta, Quezon Province then back. A 130km ride one way! I was riding on my friend’s
motorcycle thus I had the luxury of sightseeing. Riding a big bike is another
way of great travel adventure.

My friend while we were having some rest.

  Here are some of the tips when you travel around the country
using your big bike or motorcycle. 1.
Study the road you will take. There is such
thing as street smart. Take that literally by knowing the road of your journey.
Have at least check on Google Maps to see what kind of road you will take. 2.
Always check your motorcycle. Your bike is like
your body. It need maintenance and care. Regularly check your motorcycle if you
are planning a long ride. Replace all the loose and broken parts. You can
always check and buy motorcycle parts
to check if there are readily available for your bike.    3.
Wear your helmet. Always! Always wear your
helmet. 4.
Do wear proper attire to protect your body.
Prior to our long motorcycle tour to Infanta, my friend asked me to wear
specific kinds of clothes like jacket, pants and rubber shoes. Knowing myself I
will just wear comfy shorts for this kind of escape. Gladly my friend told me
to wear pants and jacket – it did not burned my skin. 5.
Always check your tires! Tires is one of the
most vital part of your bike. Make sure that you check it before your travel.
There are bridgestone
motorcycle for sale
which I think is your best choice when it comes to
traveling.   These are some of the tips I got from my friend when we
traveled via his motorcycle. Soon we will again embarked into a long motorcycle
journey and I would like to tell you more about that soon 😉