In a tropical country, like the Philippines I am quite sure that everybody craves for something cold to quench the heat. I too love anything that is cold especially frozen yogurt so to speak. Unlike ice cream frozen yogurt or FroYo is more nutritious. Though its the lighter version of yogurt still its safe to say that you are eating something that is good for the body.   

Taken from     I was exited when I was invited together with other bloggers to taste Qoola’s frozen yogurt. Before I proceed to Greenbelt 2 where Qoola Yogurt + Fruit is located I made sure that I research first what is this has to offer since its my first time to hear it. So I goodled it and found articles comparing Qoola’s yogurt with other yogurt bar in the Philippines. Based on what I have read Qoola has the best yogurt in town. So that made me feel that I really had to taste and experience Qoola Yogurt + Fruit. 

Qoola Yogurt + Fruit uses only fresh yogurt to create the signature fresh frozen yogurt. A brand that traces its root from Canada Qoola Yogurt + Fruit values ones health only offering the very best of its product.       

Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Original Frozen Yogurt:  5/5
Peach Mango Flavor:  3.5/5

The best thing about Qoola Yogurt + Fruit is the original frozen yogurt though the peach mango is not inferior enough to be taken for granted. During our visit Qoola Yogurt + Fruit has only two base flavor yogurt. But depending on season they offer different base flavors to be topped with different candies and fruits of your choice. So far the original frozen yogurt flavor is the best I have tasted. Its thickness made the flavor so strong which makes it near to an authentic yogurt with a not so sour texture. To qualify my judgment I had to taste my previously favorite yogurt bar and see if I overlooked it. After comparing the two I still hold to my previous judgment. Qoola Yogurt + Fruit is my new favorite. 

Frozen Yogurt with Toppings

Fruits: 5/5 
Nuts: 4/5
Candy: 2/5
Assorted: 3/5
Oreo with Chocolate Sprinkles: 2/5

My conventional thought was that I can’t think of yogurt without fruits. Maybe this was the reason why my favorite among the toppings that we tasted. Aside from the fact that I love the original frozen yogurt  flavor match with Kiwi its just others (flavors) don’t get me in it. My only problem was the Kiwi was not that ripe to be a toppings. While the nuts is on the second place, its crispiness and saltiness balanced the sour taste of the yogurt. The Qoola Yogurt + Fruit staff graciously prepared an assorted toppings for us. The Oreo with peach and lychee in Original Frozen Yogurt Flavor defines what an Assorted flavor means. Candy and Oreo with chocolate Sprinkles will be very catching to the kids because of the colorful tops. But for me this is the least I like. Its not that I didn’t like but the candies for me weren’t the best match for a yogurt. 


Unlike other yogurt house whose price is per ounce basis, Qoola Yogurt + Fruit is reasonable at Php68.00 per 100 grams. The standard cup (just like above) used has a capacity of 300 grams. 

Ambiance and Facility

Facility: 4/5
Staff: 3.5/5

Good food must be match with quality ambiance for a better experience. Qoola Yogurt + Fruit offered a  modern-chill ambiance place to hang out. May it be for a date, hanging out with friends, or meeting for business have a dose of your colorful frozen yogurt, grab a seat and hang out for a while. I am sure the staff will willingly serve you. And if you are a techie and want to update your FB or Instagram the frozen yogurt you’ve just tasted, just asked for the WiFi password and they will freely give it to you.

Over all my Qoola Yogurt + Fruit experience was a blast. The tasteful evening had much on me that I will go back again the next time I have the chance to invite friends. 

PTB Meet up =) 

Some of the cast. Binondo #Ambisyosa

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2 Park Ayala Center, Makati City1200 Philippines Telephone: 751-3338 Operating Hours Thursdays-Saturdays  12:00PM – 12:00AM Sundays-Wednesday 12:00PM – 11:00PM    Like their Facebook page – You can also follow then on Twitter –