Mt. Humarap also know as Tatong Krus is a popular pilgrimage site in Paete, Laguna. During Holy Week folks from Laguna and nearby provinces flocks to the peak of the mountain to pray and remember the sufferings Jesus Christ on the cross. Over looking the town of Paete, Mt. Humarap is a great place to reflect and relax away from the crowd of the city.   

Your sweet sweaty climb will begin at the town of Paete, Laguna – the wood carving capital of the Philippines. Upon reaching the town you may hail a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you in the jump off going to Tatlong Krus. Better yet ask some local for direction and warm up your legs by walking towards the jump off. 

They say it is an easy climb, well it is, but because of the steep cemented terrain I am catching my breath every five minutes. Damn it, I need to exercise regularly. Nevertheless the experience and the view is simply rewarding. I had the chance to sip in the natural mineral water coming from the stream up in the mountain. Actually I forgot to bring water so I was forced to drink because I was really thirsty. Nice consequence right? According to the more experience mountaineer/companion of our group, its safe to drink water in the mountain because its fresh and clean. I guess so because it taste good. 

  Before you reach the peak of Mt. Humarap you will see a falls called Matabuncca. Its in the area where you will be invited to rest and drink the natural mineral water (where I drank). But there are no signage at the time of our visit so we missed it. When we reached the peak we asked some locals there where is the waterfalls and they described the area and I knew where to go when we descend.   On your trek, although sweaty and tiring, you will be rewarded by scenery and experiences which cannot be match by money. River crossing, overlooking view of Laguna de Bay, species that can only be seen in the forest and the charming effect played by the trees and its leaves, are the things that you will see while you loose your breath up.   

  Upon reaching the peak of Mt. Humarap, after the one hour trek,  you will be amazed by the big three cross that resembles the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Like what I have said, Mt. Humarap is a pilgrimage site especially during Holy Week.    

  In normal days Mt. Humarap serves as picnic grounds and play ground for the locals, pilgrimage site for the devotee and point of attraction for the adrenaline junkie like us. There are cottages you can freely use (it has a Php50 fee during holy week) but the grass is inviting for a good nap. 

Over looking the town of Paete

Lets take a nap!

  When we descend it was given that we will bathe at Matabuncca Falls. We had to battle the trail down hill with the force on our leg this time. Excited on what we will about to see, the trail lost the battle to our persistent heart. We reached the area where we can rest and we allowed ourselves to release the sweat before we face the waterfalls. 

There is something magical in waterfalls

  I went ahead to assist the ladies in the steep step going to the falls. The magnificent falls was shy and blocked by a large rock. We had to pass on the side of the rock to see magic and enchanting Matabuncca Falls. The vines created a dramatic effect as the waters from the mountain falls .   

Clockwise (Me, Lana, Kerima and Ate Bing)

Drowned Free Waterfalls We own the falls when we where there so I immediately undress and lay on the stones where the ice cold water is flowing. I had some hesitation to go to the middle of the pool-like area under the falls because I am afraid that its too deep for me. But little by little I stepped on and realized that the pool area is only waist deep. But I wanted to stay on the rock to massage my back. So I went back and lost my senses under the waterfalls.