We arrived when no one was still there except the inviting spirit of the island that promises tranquility and love. The perfect blue sea added to our excitement upon reaching
the shore. The sand is white and fine on most parts of the island, pebbled beach on some and a grassy beach for travelers. The island is full of characteristics. The weather was perfect for beach bumming with
the sun was shining to its peak with an occasional cool breeze from the
sea. It was a melodramatic affair with Mantigue Island

departed in Mambajao at 7AM and with 100khp speed of the Van, we
reached the jump-off to Mantigue Island in less than an hour. It was a good
ride indeed, with magnificent landscape and the presence of ancestral
houses along the national highway. I could not sleep nor close my
eyes because I do not want to miss a single glimpse of Camiguin.   

reached the corner in which we can walk to the jump-off. There was an order in Camiguin Tourism. Everything is documented and has a
corresponding fee with a government-issued receipt. We paid the environmental fee for a minimal amount, the boat for a maximum of
four hours stay on the island and plus Php50 per hour if you want to stay more, Php200
extra for the boat if you want to snorkel in the fishing sanctuary
(on some blogs I’ve read that you only just give tip), a snorkeling fee for Php50, and the rental of snorkeling gear for Php150. On the island we
paid for the table and our cooked lunch. There are shower areas in the jump-off for rinsing for a minimal fee.   

  Just a tip, you can rent your snorkeling gear in Mantigue Island. It will only cost you Php100.   We
were the first visitor of the island. The caretaker was just
preparing the tables when we arrived. So we own Mantigue Island for a time. There was no other sound other than my heartbeat, the roar of the waves, the songs from birds, the whistle of the wind, and the voice of your love. We spend the first thirty minutes to one hour in the fetching area for excursionists under the tree listening to our hearts and thinking about forever. Love was on the island in silence. No other words needed, the presence of each other was enough to promise serenity of forever in the island full of soul and love.      

  I decided to condole with my needed time for myself and be serenade by the sea. I walked barefoot to feel the earth and feel the touch of the sun in my feet. The fine sand relaxes my soul and the wind brings more peace to my happy heart. I knew there was love in the island because I was in love with the fact that I am there and the one I love was there too happy, in my presence.   

When your heart speaks, it does speak even on a distance. I felt the need to go back and walk on the other side of the island. Not in words but by feelings, we meet in the shore ready to walk under the sun, barefoot in the sand, and holding hands going nowhere. We have no words except “wow” “ang ganda” “panalo” “babalik tayo dito” ang linaw ng tubig” among other adjectives and sentences perfect for the island. Numerous selfies for private consumption and a number of pictures to be shared with the public via Instagram and Facebook were taken under the intense heat of the sun. But no worries we love the sun at this time (You don’t wish the clouds on the beach). 

  We found a sandbar that was partially covered by the high tide of the sea. We walked over in the romance of the ankle-deep water. There was an occasional fish while we walk and I decide that its time to soak my body in the salty water of Mantigue Island. Perfected by the natural sea-pool at the end of the sand bar, we swam and we lay on the grass on the sand. Perfect right?       Back in our fortress, rather the common area for excursionists, we were approached by a bubbly caretaker and asked us if we’ve been to the forest. Good thing though that he asked us because it added spice to our visit to the island. So after our Php100 concerned beef lunch which we bought in the store, we proceeded to the forest.      There is a trail made of bamboo to add more effect to the forest experience in the island. When you follow the reminder at the beginning of the trail, you will hear the sounds of creatures that no longer exist in the metro. The sound of the bamboo when you stepped on it seems like a musical scoring in the movie set in a forest. The trail is short but it a great place to divert all your thoughts and be relaxed by the sound of nature while walking. For some the place is a great place for selfies or photo ops but it is a reminder that this kind of place is what we need in order for life to sustain life. When you head to Mantigue kindly make sure that you respect what they have there and bring nothing but your digital photo.         

  There is no entrance fee in the forest.    When we went back the tourist were arriving. Thank God we had the perfect timing! We were about to leave when bulk of divers and beach bummers were coming.

  Mantigue is not the best island I have been to but it has her own character that made me love it. It has a soul and full of love. Though I find it too pricey to enjoy the island to its depth but still I love it. I was reminded that there is a price for every great thing that we do. It may be costly or affordable, the thing is we enjoyed and it contributed to the life we have. There is love in Mantigue, I should know. I felt it in the sand and the sun.     We did snorkeling in the Fish Sanctuary of Mantigue Island but since I do not have an underwater camera I do not have photos of our underwater romance. For the detailed Itinerary and expenses of this trip please click here.