While in amazement with the enormous rock formations of Caramoan, I didn’t notice that our boat reached the first island of our Caramoan Island Hopping that day. It was my first time in Caramoan thus my excitement in painstakingly taking of pictures was forgivable considering the wonders of nature rooted in the Peninsula of Caramoan.     

I can’t utter words specifically designed for the powder fine sand of Matukad Island. There was an electrifying effect when my right foot touches the sand of Matukad Island. The resulting action of the specific feeling was to walk barefoot to give in to natures invitation.

  Everywhere I turned to is white – excluding the vivid colors of the plants and rock formations – with portions of crushed shells and corrals which actually gave more characteristic to the small shore of the island. Matukad Island is perfect for beach goers who want to lay on the sand and play with the pristine  waters – beach bumming. There are portions in the shore where one can hide from the sun’s tremendous heat especially during summer season in the Philippines.     

Matukad is not just known for its fine sand and glamorous vista of rock formation, Matukad is Matukad because you have to climb in order to be awed once again by Matukad Island shore line and waters. Matukad actually means to climb.

The sharp rocks will lead you to see the 180 degrees view of the sea including Matukad Island’s shoreline. Not only the shore and the sea that made people want to climb the sharp rocks of Matukad, the tale of the milkfish habituating the lake only visible when you climb the rocks adds excitement to its visitors.

Guides and boatmen will tell you that there is an enchanted milkfish habituating the lake in Matukad Island. Tales would tell that before, there were two milkfish freely living in the lake until one fisherman catches the other one and ate it. However, the milkfish allegedly gave misfortunes to the fisherman and his family, who they presummed ate it as well, to the point of death.

Guides will allow you to climb but one cannot cross the specific boundary specified by them. Misfortunes will play a part if ever you cross that boundary as the tale says.

Spot the Milkfish  

It shouldn’t take an enchanted tale for us to pay respect to a place. It was natures intervention that the milkfish reached the lake, so allow nature to take it out there.

This tour is brought to you by Naga Excursions – the tourism arm of Naga City in coordination with Kadlagan Outdors.