Oh that Lake!
Your beauty lies deep in your waters
The God of nature has to make
Such majestic beauty for human race

Oh that Lake!
You captured thee indeed!
Oh tears hello on that cheek
You soulful water that you did

Oh that Lake!
Beneath your waters is mystery
No one can fathom unless they see
Under the clouds there is beauty

Oh that Lake!
Wind blows straight to my face
I feel your nature speak to me 
That perfect moment you were with me

Oh that Lake!
I left my heart in your deepest
No way to get it back in me
Memory will stay until my last

Oh that Lake!
You make a present for me to bring
Serene moment for lone in me
Heart was pounding only you can hear

Oh that Lake!
No worth of treasure can measure you
Your soul and beauty enough for me
Moments so lasting can never fade

Oh that Lake!
You made me better communing in
That special moment you make for me
I treasure every seconds I breathe you in

Oh that Lake!
Captured that material soul of God
You made me silent and quiet man
I now better see the works of God

Oh that Lake! 
Time can tell when we will meet again
I will long the moment you speak to me
You’re in me forever it will be

My ode to Lake Danao in Leyte

Happy Travels =)

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